Moving Light Performance @ Arma17 Moving Light Performance @ Arma17 New Year Party

Project Details

Arma 17 Nightclub Moscow
New Year Party 2014
Our Work: 
On Stage performance
Technical Setup
Project Description: 

easer of the Movie about our New Year Installation @ Arma17 (Moscow)

Our software, developed in Derivative TouchDesigner 088 for LJing ( VJing with Lights) give a possibility to fast setup and control the Moving Light ( Sharpy etc) in Real 3D Space. So we can load a 3D Model of some location, set up the moving light, calibrate them and programm the generative sound reactive presets of Light orientation in order to make a light VJing, based on music.

In this party we controlled a 24 moving lights (Terbly and Martin), Blinders, Lamp arrays and smoke machines.

Music recorded live on the event.
Stanislav Glazov
Margo Kudrina
Mursal Mamedov

Stanislav Glazov

Stanislav Glazov
Margo Kudrina

Thanks for Mursal Mamedov, Natasha Abelle (Arma17) and whole Arma17 Team for make this installation possible.