Services and Products

Media Programming

We offer  the programming by focusing on media, such as images, audio, and interactive systems. By doing so, we hope to put programming in a relevant context. For example, iteration is a programming concept that is essential to creating negative and grayscale images. You will learn algorithms for blending two images together and how to hierarchical relationships are used to organize elements of a user interface.

Indoor Videomapping

Indoor Projection Mapping lets you event be special.

We offer different kind of cooperation from content production till full pruduction cycle:

  • Decoration design
  • Technical Setup
  • Storyboard
  • Content production

Indoor Mapping could be used in:

  • Product presentation
  • Stage Design for music and Business
  • Art Show
  • Fashion Show
  • Interior Design

Outdoor Videomapping

We offer a wonderful interaction over the buildings, walls and giant surfaces with more than one projector using a system that is a combination of custom software and video animation creating custom designs.

Not only do we provide a third dimension for your outdoor presentations, shows and advertisements, but we also highly attract the attention of the target group by keeping pace with today’s technology.